Last updated on 24th of May 2020.

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As a few of my friends are pregnant for the second time at the moment, I am thinking what present I should get them. I started to think about what I would have loved to receive and what presents I really appreciated when I had my second child. 


So here are 19 gift ideas for second time mums: 


For baby 



1. Clothes for baby 

While they might have some clothes saved from older child, it is still nice to get some new bits of clothing for the new baby, especially if the new baby is born in a different season.


2. Nappies (diapers) and wipes or cloth nappies and reusable baby wipes 

Nappies and wipes will ALWAYS be useful. 


3. White noise baby soother


There’s a few baby soothers or sleeping aids in the market at the moment. With my first child we had Ewan the Dream Sheep and with my second baby we had Percy the Penguin and we loved them both.


4. Something personalised

It’s always a lovely idea to get something personalised, maybe even handmade for the baby or parents, a little keepsake with the baby’s name and date of birth. Lots of lovely ideas on Etsy


5. Personalised wooden toys 



While they might have some toys from the first baby, most of the toys will be chewed on, as babies like to put everything in their mouth when they are teething so some new sturdy and maybe personalised wooden toys, like the one above, would be a real treat. 


6. Voucher for baby, siblings or family photoshoot 

It’s a present that everyone will love. Capturing those precious early days is so important. Just ask if parents have a preference for a photographer.


7.  A beautiful toy basket or box 


The amount of toys and other baby related things are increasing, so gifting a beautiful basket like the one above or a toy box is always a great idea. 


For mummy and daddy:


Baby shower gift Ideas - Cosmo Mum Blog


8. A gift for mum 

A mum, who carried a baby for nine months and gave birth really deserves some serious pampering.  Some of the ideas for pampering time – spa voucher, massage voucher, manicure or pedicure voucher, hairdresser’s voucher or even a nice set of bath gel sand creams or a beautiful soft gown.


9. ‘A voucher’ of babysitting

Probably the best gift you can give to a new mum especially if you are a close friend or family member. You could make your own personalised voucher and write what voucher is for – looking after the older child/ren for an afternoon and taking them to a soft play or park or maybe a 2 hour babysitting in the early months so that mum can have a long bath and a nap? 


10. Food 

You could either bring a home cooked meal that can be easily reheated or buy a fine range ready meal. Trust me, sleep deprived parents will appreciate this. 


11. A goodie hamper

Similar as above, a good food hamper (wine or gin included) would be really appreciated by new parents.


12. A gift card from a big store

While a gift card seems a bit impersonal, it is however one of the best present ideas as new parents can then buy what they really need. 


13. Voucher for a house cleaning service 

I would have definitely loved this present when I had my second baby!


14.  Nappy organiser (diaper caddy) 



This is a cute present and is so much more needed second time round as it is so convenient to keep all the baby changing bits in one beautiful nappy organiser that you can easily pick and carry with one hand. 


15.  Baby carrier or sling



Some mums will prefer a sling and some will prefer a baby carrier. It’s a good idea to ask what would be needed most. 


16. Gift voucher for a restaurant 

Once the family settles into the new lifestyle with the newborn, the little going out to restaurant will be enjoyed by all family.


For older sibling (or siblings): 




17. Activity pack for older kid (or kids)





Something to keep the older kids occupied and entertained and hopefully something that is educational and doesn’t require too much of an adult’s attention. Various activity books, colouring books and stickers are always a good shout with young children. 


18. Matching sibling outfits

This is a super cute idea. They are little for such a short time, so creating some beautiful memories is fun. 


19. Buggy board 

A standing buggy board that you can attach to the pram  is a life saver if the sibling is under 5 years old. Super useful on those long walks or when travelling. 


So these are some of my ideas of what gift to buy for a second time mum. Would you add something else to the list?


Gift Ideas for second time mums - Cosmo Mum Blog