Family traditions are a great way to create lasting memories for your children. As a child, I loved holidays, dressing up, special food and treats. Now having 2 little kids, I hope, we’ll make our own family traditions. 

As Easter is just round the corner, I thought I’d  list a few fun Easter activities that we follow as a family. 


Here are 7 fun and family-friendly Easter celebrating traditions. 


1 Decorating Easter Eggs


When I was a child, the eggs were coloured using natural colours, e.g. brown onion skin. Nowadays, we can also use lots of other different ways to colour eggs. I like the idea of using whipping cream or shaving cream and food colour. 

Also, you could decorate your Easter eggs with glitter or stickers, or simply just paint little faces on them! 


2. Easter crafts


Easter crafts, Easter Activities, Cosmo Mum Blog


Me and kids love doing some easy crafts. I like to look up for some Easter crafts ideas on Pinterest. I saved all of the ideas in my Easter folder that you can check out here

Easter is a symbol of spring and because of that we do all different styles of crafts and drawings that include spring – spring flowers, Easter eggs, bunnies, sheep, chickens, carrots! 


3. Baking Easter treats 


Carrot cake, Easter Baking, Cosmo Mum Blog


Our Easter tradition is to bake a carrot cake. We are also planning to bake these traditional Easter biscuits.


Other Easter baking ideas: 

Jumbo Easter Cookies

Spring Carrot Patch Brownies

Easy White Chocolate Nest Cakes

Sheep cupcakes

Bunny Bread 

4. Easter Egg Hunt 


Easter Egg Hunt, Easter kids activities, Cosmo Mum Blog


What’s an Easter party if there’s no Easter Egg Hunt? If the weather is going to be nice, we will have a little Easter Egg Hunt in our garden, and if not, then it will be at home. We will be using colourful plastic eggs (that we can use again next year) filled with 1 small chocolate egg inside. You can also place pieces of puzzle or other little things in the plastic eggs. I’ll be hiding a few bigger chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies in our garden (or house) for the kids too.


5. Easter tree 


Easter tree decorating, Easter activities for kids, Cosmo Mum Blog

This is an old tradition for me. My mum would always decorate the table with a few spring twigs in the vase a week or so before Easter. Me and my brother would also add a few simple decorative bits. 

As you can see in the photo above, my son is helping me to arrange our Easter tree this year. It’s great fun for kids! 


6. Easter/spring books


I love getting books about the change of the season from the library. This year, as libraries are shut, we’ll see what books we already have at home or maybe will try to order some online. I found a few good ideas about spring books here. 


7. Easter decorating 


Easter table decorating, Easter tree, Easter flowers, Cosmo Mum Blog


As a family we have a tradition to decorate the house for the new season. We’ll be having an Easter bunting, Easter table centre piece (with the Easter tree) and spring flowers. 


So here are our family Easter traditions. What about you? Do you celebrate Easter? What do you like doing on Easter Sunday? 

Easter traditions for kids, Easter activities, Cosmo Mum Blog