As we are all experiencing the challenge of the world pandemic, we are advised to stay home and that could be for a few months. 

Most likely we have more free time than ever before so it is a good idea to put it to good use. 

Because of that, I thought I’ll create my ‘Things to do when at home while on quarantine’ list. That is with the hope that the husband will be looking after the kids! 

So here it goes:

1. Try all clothes and recycle anything that you don’t fit or like anymore

2. Tidy and clean wardrobe 

3. De-clutter and re-organise all drawers, cupboards and other spaces

4. Deep clean all the house

5. Organise paperwork

Things to do at home - sort out paperwork

6. Prepare family emergency document file 

7. Do all the little DIY jobs in the house

8. Deep clean the car

9. Online yoga 

Things to do at home while on quarantine

10.Online HIIT exercises

11. Learn to cook different meals

12. Grow your own vegetables 

13. Tidy garden 

14. Repaint fence in the garden

15. Declutter shed 

16. Read books

17. Listen to audiobooks (Audible are offering 30 day free offer)

18. Listen to podcasts 

19. Binge on Netflix 

20. Update CV

21. Update LinkedIn profile 

22. Learn coding (a bit ambitious having kids at home! but I’d like to try)

23. Take an online course in digital marketing – MOZ Academy is free now till 31st of May 2020.

24. Work on the blog

Things to do at home, blogging, Cosmo Mum Blog

25. Learn more about SEO 

26. Learn more about Pinterest strategy 

27. Set up mailing system for the blog

28. Apply to affiliates for the blog 

29. Take my own stock photos

30. Map out content for blog for upcoming months

31. Update old blog posts

32. Earn money by filling in surveys 

33. Sort out pictures on the phone 

34. Order to print some of the pictures (Free Prints)

35. Video call family and friends 

36. Go through all direct debits and payments and see if I need to change them or if I can reduce them

37. Spend time with kids – play, crafts, reading etc 

I know, it’s a lot, but it’s what I would really like to achieve. If I manage to do half of it, it will be a success for me! 

What about you? What will you be up to at home at this crazy time?


Things to do at home while on quarantine due to Coronavirus (Covid-19)