If you recently found out that you are pregnant, you might have been thinking about how to prepare for your pregnancy and what pregnancy essentials you will need.

Pregnancy is a joyous time however it can be exhausting, so it makes sense to stock on any maternity necessities.

Here are 8 practical must-have items for expecting mums. Each of these items helped me tremendously as a first-time and second-time mum.

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1. Prenatal vitamins


Now that you’re pregnant, your body is supporting another little human being and that takes a lot of nutrition and extra vitamins. This is the reason why you should start taking prenatal vitamins.


2. Water bottle


Having a large bottle of water with me at all the times certainly helped me a lot in my pregnancies.  You need to drink lots of water to keep hydrated so having a water bottle with you will be a good reminder to keep your water intake up. 


3. Pregnancy support belt


Most likely you will only need it in your second or third trimester. A pregnancy support belt helps with your belly weight and pressure.

Above pictured pregnancy support belt is the one that I used in both of my pregnancies and found really helpful.


4. Pregnancy pillow



With your body being streched and pushed from the inside, growing belly and breasts getting bigger too, finding just the right sleeping position is not easy. Pregnancy pillows can aid in sleeping more comfortably, especially in second and third trimesters. It helps to hold the weight of the belly, making it more comfortable to sleep.


5. Body lotion/moisturising cream




A good moisturizing cream is all you need. There is no magic anti stretch marks cream, although you will see some advertisments. It really depends on your genetics and elasticity of your skin. However your belly skin in pregnancy can get dry and itchy as your belly is growing so a good cream can help your belly skin.

6. Maternity clothes including maternity underwear and maternity bras



While you can wear loose dresses, big long tops and leggings at the start of your pregnancy, it comes time when you just want to invest in some lovely maternity clothing. You will certainly need some comfortable pregnancy leggings, maternity underwear, maternity leggings, maternity bras, maxi dress or maternity dress

7. Pregnancy exercise ball



Birthing balls are great to use at any time during the pregnancy as they can alleviate discomfort in the spine, hips and lower back . They are especially useful in third trimester as they will help you to prepare for labour and delivery as exercise ball helps you to open up your hips. I just loved sitting on my exercise ball and gently roll side to side, I found it so relaxing.


8. Compression socks



Compression socks will help with painful swelling in your feet and calves as well as with leg cramps. They are really a must if you stand a lot, for example, work as a teacher, as some pregnant women can get really painful swelling and even varicose veins. Compression socks are also strongly advisable if you fly for more than 2 hours, so if you’re planning a babymoon holidays, it’s a good idea to invest in compression socks.