Have you got young kids to entertain at home? 

Here are a few simple ideas for you to keep them occupied and hopefully away from the screens (or at least for sometime)! 


Fun simple things to do with young kids at home:


Help wash the car

Pavement chalk 

Cosmic kids yoga on YouTube 

Exercise ‘PE with Joe Wicks

Video call grandparents, family and friends

Play musical statues 

Play with blocks, Lego, duplo

Kids activities at home- Cosmo Mum Blog

Play with trains and cars

Role play

Dressing up






Kids activities at home - Easter crafts - Cosmo Mum Blog


Easy maths

Read books 

Listen to stories

Play in the garden 

Kids activities at home - Cosmo Mum Blog

Plant seeds

Play tag

Play hide and seek

Do a puzzle

Play with play-doh

Use activity books and worksheet books 

Help to organise and clean toys

Help cooking meals

Help vacuuming and dusting 

Go to walk the dog (keeping social distance) 

Visit museums and zoo online web cams 

Build a den

Bath bomb (we still have one from Christmas)

Toy car wash in the bath 

Drawing and painting

Yhings to do at home with young kids - drawing and painting - Cosmo Mum Blog

Indoor or garden plastic Easter Egg hunt 

Play with water table in the garden

Play with sand and toys in the garden

Ride bicycle 

Ride scooter


So here is our list. What are your favourite activities at home? 


Things to do with kids at home- Fun easy activities for young children at home - Cosmo Mum Blog