Updated on 8th February, 2021.


As my daughter is approaching her second birthday, I’m starting to think how we will celebrate her birthday and what presents should we get her.

As I am ploughing through internet for the best gifts for 2 year olds, I thought I’ll put a list of my finds, aka best 2nd birthday gifts wish list.

If you’re looking for a birthday gift, I hope this list could be helpful for you too.



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Here I’m going to put a list of great gifts that are suitable for boys and girls.



Wooden Threading Toddler Toy 




This wooden threading toy for toddler is great as it teaches children the basic concept of colours, shapes, numbers and threading skill as well. I like the colours and the wooden beads are big enough for little 2 year olds fingers.


Bath Basketball Toy




This Bath Basketball Toy looks so much. We definitely need some more bath toys, to keep kids entertained so this would be definitely great.



Wooden Jigsaw


This beautiful Wooden Jigsaw is a great gift for any 2 year old child. It’s fun mix of different animals puzzle.




Wooden Pretend Play Food Set


My little girl likes playing with wooden ice cream toys so I thought we should get more wooden food toys for the role play time.




Wooden Role Play Cake




This Wooden Birthday Cake toy is another role play toy idea which is super cute and I think is great for pretend play.





This seems like a lovely book for a gift. It celebrates dreams, acceptance and parents’ love. For more book ideas, check my post Best Books for young children. 



Lego Duplo 



My son loved Lego Duplo when he was 2, so I’m sure my daughter would love a set of Lego Duplo too.



Peppa Pig Toys



This Peppa Pig Family Figurines set would make my daughter really happy as she is a big fan of Peppa Pig!



Sand Box with Dinosaurs



This Sand Box with Dinosaurs seems like a really good size and can be played with either outside or inside.



Mud kitchen 


What a great set up to have for outdoors play! I can see this mud kitchen would be used for quite a few years to come!



Balance bike



I’ve been looking at various bikes for 2 year olds and I think a balance bike would be great for that age.



Water Play Table



This Water Play Table looks so much fun and it is another toy for outdoors playing.



Birthday t-shirt




And finally, how cute is this birthday t-shirt?


Hope you enjoyed going through this list of gifts for 2 year old children.  If you’re planning a birthday at home, check my blog post on how to have the best birthday at home.



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