Santa Claus Is Coming: Keeping The Magic Alive For Adults

Is there anything kids love more than Christmas morning? They can’t wait to tear into their presents and play with the toys Santa Claus has sent in a nice, neat package. Christmas is up there with their birthday as the most important date in a child’s calendar.

For adults, it’s not as special anymore because the magic wears a little thin. Parents have peeked behind the curtain and now know all of the magician’s secrets. Still, there are ways to ensure it’s as exciting as before, just maybe in a different way.

Take a look at the tips underneath to get your Xmas mojo back again.

Invest In The Kids

You may not be able to enjoy it the same as when you were little, but it doesn’t mean you’re a lost cause. As a parent, the best thing ever is to see them happy and laughing. Investing in their wellbeing rubs off on you and makes adults feel warm all over. Thankfully, Christmas is the perfect time to live vicariously through the kids. Do it by spreading the festive cheer, such as taking them to see St Nicholas or going to a toy store. They’ll light up like an Xmas tree, which will have the same impact on you.

Do Things You Enjoy

It isn’t all about the children. Some things are made for adults at Christmastime, such as enjoying the yearly markets. Eating too much cosmopolitan food and drinking mulled wine in a packed out grotto is one of the bonuses of this time of year. It doesn’t even have to be anything too grown-up. Do you enjoy the Elf on the Shelf phenomenon? If so, use this Elf on the Shelf idea generator to spice up the tradition this festive period. Remember that this time of year is about the little things that make you happy.

Eat Out

Probably the worst part about the 25th of December is the cooking. Parents, usually the mums, have to spend two days slaving over a turkey and getting the food together. If family members are coming around to eat, it can be very stressful and not enjoyable. Therefore, it’s time to start a new tradition – going out to a restaurant. That way, you get a delicious meal with your family without having to provide sweat, blood and tears. Plus, there will be zero washing up too. As long as you book early enough, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a place.

Dress Up

As the saying goes, to look good is to feel good. Letting the day pass you by is straightforward if there are no cues to pump up the excitement. That’s why it’s important to get out onto the high street, or search the internet, for Christmas-themed clothes. Putting them on on the morning on the 25th will instantly make you feel Christmassy inside and out. All it takes is a thick jumper with a festive pattern to get the jingle bells rocking again.

How do you stay excited during December?

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