Did you ever wonder if being a mum comes naturally? Well, in a way it does. Being a mom is something that we just feel we know how to do. From the moment you give birth, you’ll be given guidance as to what your baby is going to need, how to feed them, how to put a nappy on, and no doubt you will have gone to countless baby classes before you actually gave birth. But as they get older, you can’t really prepare for the way they’re going to turn out as toddlers, or even as young kids. They will become their own little people, with their own little personalities, and their own little ways that you’re going to have to try and adjust to. How well you adjust is down to how well you can cope with the stress of actually being a mother. Nobody said it was going to be easy, especially as they get a little bit older. But, there are ways that I think you can truly master motherhood, here are a few of them!


Nail The Bedtime Routine

The bedtime routine is something that could take months and even years to perfect. In fact, you might not ever perfect it at all. It’s the most dreaded time of the day for both you, and your little one, and it definitely doesn’t get easier over time. In fact, until they get to the age where they have to make up their own bedtimes, it’s not going to be an easy ride. For younger children, one thing you can do is look at kids loft beds. It gets them all excited knowing they’re sleeping higher than everyone else, and it actually creates an excellent space for them to play on as well. You can then aim bedtime towards them getting into their ‘castle’ as they’re so much higher off the ground, they will really believe that it is a castle they’re climbing up to. Reading a bedtime story is also really important. We always have 2 books ready for the bedtime reading. We usually choose simple and short story books.

To make sure that bedtime goes smoothly, most of the nights my children will have a bath. It makes them relax and settled. To master it all, just make sure you’re keeping things as calm as possible, not shouting, and keep the bedtime routine flowing.


Be That Fun Parent

Motherhood can be hard.  But it can be really fun too.  When you have so many things going on in your life, from work issues, to home issues etc. it can be easy to be that grumpy mum that no one wants to be around. Instead, focus your energy on being happy, playful, and entertaining for your children. Use them as a fun outlet and an escape from the real world. Being that fun parent will help to build a bond, help to make them listen to you more, and help to let both of your creative sides flow.


Follow A Routine That Suits You

Following a routine will always make things easier however you don’t need to be too strict with it, just see what really works for your family. Following a routine means that you’ll start doing things on autopilot and it will be so much easier to remember what to do when and the best part is that children love a routine too.


*This is a collaborative post.