Updated on 28th April 2021.


Once you’re pregnant and start looking at what you need to buy for the new baby, you realise just how much the little new human being will need! The list is long and the money is usually tight, especially with the prospect of you not working for probably a year and having a reduced or no income!
You don’t really need to buy everything what comes up on online baby lists though (unless you want to of course). Also, there are lots other ways to save money. I am now pregnant with my second baby so here are a few of my tips on how to save money when you’re expecting a child.

Mommy and baby in the photo, text - how to save money as a new mum

Use free baby items and samples

Once you find out you’re pregnant, it’s a good idea to register with Boots Parenting Club. If, like me, you’re a second time mum, make sure you log in on your Boots account and update with your new pregnancy/baby.
There are also other sites like Bounty, Emma’s Diary, Ella’s Kitchen and others for some free baby items and product samples.


Make mum friends online

Most of your friends will carry on partying, meeting up for lunch in the beer garden and doing other fun things in the evenings and weekends, while you’ll be craving some adult chat with somebody who can hold a conversation about nappies and teething! Making new mum friends is important. When I was pregnant first time, I did fork out on an expensive NCT course and went to Pregnancy Yoga class to meet pregnant ladies.  However, I realised there are lots of other ways to make mummy friends and you don’t necessarily need to spend money.  Consider going to NHS antenatal classes instead of private NCT classes, join Facebook groups for mums, for example ‘Your town mums’ ‘Your town families’ etc. Instagram is a great place to connect with new mums, I’m @Raimonda_days if you ever fancy a chat. You can make connections on websites like Mumsnet and Baby Centre forums or communities; also it’s a great idea to download apps for mums meet ups – Mush, Social Mummy and others where you can get to know local mums.


Buy things when they are on sale

Buy Halloween costume just after Halloween for the next year for your kids. Same with Christmas outfits. They are expensive and you can only really put them on in December, so buy next sizes in January sale for next year.
Buy basic summer clothing for next year in summer sale so you’re well stocked up with t-shirts, shorts and other outfits for next summer. White, navy or stripy t-shirts will still be looking lovely next summer but you will have paid half the price!


Use coupons

Before you buy anything online, google that shop or brand name for a discount coupon. Chances are you’ll find at least 20% discount coupon on some discount or voucher websites. Worth a try.


Compare prices

Especially for big items like pram, nursery furniture.. You can use websites like pricer.co.uk, pricespy.co.uk and others.


Buy neutral colours clothing

If you’re planning to have more children, then buy neutral colours clothing. Then, of course, there’s nothing wrong with boys wearing pink or girls wearing blue! I saved all of my son’s clothes and planning to dress my little girl in blue quite a lot, I think it’s cute!


Don’t buy what you don’t really need

You don’t know yet if you will need or want some of the things. Nappy bin. Door bouncer. Expensive changing bag. Breast pump. All these items can wait for now and you can decide if you really need them when the time comes!


Don’t buy too many clothes for babies

They grow out of their clothes so quickly you won’t be able to use them much. You will likely get lots of clothes as presents too. And remember that your baby mostly will be in comfortable vests and sleepsuits, so no need to splash out on expensive outfits!


Shop around for nappies

Consider reusable cloth nappies. They’ll be a bigger investment to start with but once you bought them, you’ll keep using them and so will save the cost on buying disposable nappies.
If you decide to go for disposable nappies, then shop around, compare the prices, consider shop own brand nappies (we like Aldi’s) and also look for deals like buy one get one free or half price.


Don’t buy big and expensive presents for baby’s first birthday


If you’re short of money, don’t worry too much about the 1st birthday presents for your baby, they don’t really understand what’s happening and will be just happy to spend a day with their family and friends! Plus, they’ll get lots of gifts anyway!


Stock up when things are on offer

When wipes, nappies, hand cream and other things are buy one, get one free, I make sure I buy a few and that will last me for a while!


Start meal planning

This is a game changer not only for saving money, but also time! If you never did a meal plan before, just think of a few favourite meals and write them down for lunches, dinners from Monday to Friday. You can add fancier meals as you get used to meal planning and have a little more time. Look at the fridge, freezer and cupboards and see what meals you could already do with some additional ingredients.


Batch cooking

Casseroles, stews, soups, tomato source and other dishes can all be cooked in big batches, portioned and frozen for a later date. Then when you have a really busy day, just remember to take your meal out of freezer the night before or in the morning and your dinner is sorted. It saves electricity, cost per meal and your time!


Use libraries for books

Go to library to get some books for yourself and your little one.


Free reading and singing classes

There are also lots of free reading and singing activities organised for young children at the libraries, like Bookbug in Scotland.


Free family days out

Country Parks for sunny weather and Museums for rainy days. Both are free (or at least most of them) and we love them for a good family day out.


Free Birthdays, Christmas, Easter and Halloween house decorations and cards

Homemade decorations are super cute, you can get lots of ideas from Pinterest and it’s fun to get your kids do some crafts. It could also become a little family tradition!

Looking for more ways to save money? Check More than a mummy blog for tips on saving money and making money.


I hope you found this useful? Any other tips you could add?